Nightlife Introduction

Eventwala has Produced, Promoted & Executed some of the biggest Electronic Events in India with some of the best Artists in the Industry. We have worked with all the top venues in 8 cities in India. To name a few – AI, Olive, Thai High, Manre, Aurus, Bonobo, Sutra, Blue Bar, China House and many more. Our Endeavour is to continuously bring bigger better Events, Artists & Concepts to India.

Some of the Artists we have worked with -

India: Pearl, Ivan, Midival Punditz, Jalebee Cartel, Nikhil Chinnappa, BLOT, Hamza, Nawed, Vachan Chinnappa to name a few.
International: Radio slave, Richard Murray, Protoculture, Atomic Pulse, Talamasca, Aaron James, RDB, Pedramovich among others.

Rang 2011

About Rang

"Rang" is a unique music festival produced and executed by Eventwala. The festival has seen tremendous success since its inception in 2008. Today the name Rang has become synonymous with Holi festivities

The objective of “Rang” is to create “The Ultimate Electronic Music Experience” to celebrate the colorful festival of Holi! A mirage of bursting colors, the best of International and Indian artists, a wide variety of cocktails and a fabulous spread of mouth watering Holi delights, come together to present "RANG 2011".

To further enhance the experience, the festival offers extensive fun activities and attractions such as a rain dance, imaginative drinking games, mind blowing visuals and lots of color!

Line Up


  • Dinka
  • Daniel Portman
  • Atomic Pulse


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  • Akshar Pillai
  • Hamza + Manu Idhra
  • Vipul Angrish and the Rajasthani Percussionist
  • Karajimo
  • Aaftab Mehra
  • Ashvin M Sharma(Jalebee Cartel)

DATE: 20th March 2011

TIME: 10am to 10pm